3 best places in Prague to try a good Czech wine


Let’s face the truth, not everyone is a beer drinker. So what is there for those of us who prefer wine to beer? Are there any good places where to try Czech wine? Is Czech wine any good? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

Quick summary of Czech wine history

Believe it or not, there have been times when Czech wine was as famous as Italian or French wines. As far as we know, first vineyards were planted in 10th century. Patron saint of our country, saint Wenceslas, was according to legends a big lover of wine and founded couple of vineyards in Prague. Popularity of Czech wines and Moravian wines (Moravia is an eastern region of Czech Republic famous for winemaking) reached its max around second half of 14th century during the reign of Charles IV (who in fact established first “modernized” laws of winemaking).

Next centuries meant a lot of wars in Czech kingdom, such as Hussite wars (1419-1434) and 30-year war (1618-1648). Unfortunately, vineyards always took the biggest damage.

19th and 20th century became centuries of beer, because in comparison to wine, industrial revolution made it easy to brew sustainable quality beers pretty much every year. You definitely couldn’t say that about wine.

Czech wine production and reputation is nowadays slightly growing every year. So if you know a place where to go, you get some really delicious wines.

So here are few of our personal suggestions:


prague-41-3-best-places-to-try-a-good-wine-vinografAddress: They operate on 3 places. Check out the nearest one on their website

Web: www.vinograf.cz

Vinograf is a wine bar with one of the broadest collections of wines from all across the world. Their wine bar on Senovážné náměstí was in year 2014 awarded as the best wine bar in the Czech Republic. However, they have three branches across the city center, so you can find the nearest one and try their delicious wines there.


Address: Na Perštýně 15, Prague 1prague-41-3-best-places-to-try-a-good-wine-monarch

Web: www.monarch.cz

Monarch is among locals very well known place with great wines. It recently went through complete reconstruction, which turned this popular wine bar into Spanish-style wine & tapas bar. New interior looks really cool, however, we’ll see how much the wine selection changed.

St. Claire’s vineyard in Prague Botanical Garden


Address: entrance from Pod Havránkou street, Prague 7

Web: www.botanicka.cz

On the outskirts of Prague, nearby famous Prague Zoo, is located St. Claire’s vineyard. As a part of Botanical garden, you need to buy a normal entrance ticket (valid for the entire botanical garden). However, just few steps us the hill is a small house where you can try their own wines.  Over the years they received many Czech awards for their quality, so we think it’s worth the trip.

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