A day cycling the Danube

Danube BendIt’s a beautiful day and you happen to be free?

Grab your two-wheeled friend and get ready for a nice bike trip along the blue Danube! (Don’t you have one? Try riding a Yellow Zebra…) Budapest is a really bike-friendly city, but following the bike lanes you can very quickly leave the city behind and enjoy the fresh air and a little provincial life too.

A day cycling the DanubeWhich way to go? Well, there are not too many options when following the river: go north or south. And to be honest, you’re better off going north. On the way towards the Slovakian border, you can enjoy the stunning landscapes of the river bend, you can stop for refreshment in any of the tiny villages, relax on the Roman embankment, you can do a little shopping in Szentendre or climb up to Visegrad Castle for the best views in the region. If you manage to make it as far as Esztergom (about 70kms from the capital along the river), you may want to climb to the dome of the biggest church in the country. Once you are there you can also easily cross the river and end up across the border in Slovakia. At this point, the Danube is the natural border between the two countries. And the best thing on the Slovakian side is the magnificent view of the Basilica when you turn back towards Hungary. You have the impression that you have seen this somewhere? Possibly, on the 20.000HUF note. Yes, that is a 20.000-worth view.

View to Esztergom Basilica

View to Esztergom Basilica

When you feel like running out of time, but you don’t want to torture yourself any longer on the triangle seat, just relax… There is a public ferry that drops you back to the city and you can spend a few more hours taking in the scenery. Stay on the safe side, don’t forget to check the schedule in advance! Did you miss the last ferry? No problem. With a magical ticket, you can take your companion on the train too.

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