Budapest and EuroVelo cycle lane


Budapest and EuroVelo cycle laneEuroVelo

EuroVelo is a network of 15 long-distance cycle routes connecting the whole European continent. It is actually a project which is co-financed by the European Union for the purpose of promoting sustainable tourism. The routes are used by cycle tourists as well as by local people making daily journeys, so there is a huge variety of routes. EuroVelo currently consists of 15 routes and the plan is to expand it by 2020.

Budapest and EuroVelo cycle laneEuroVelo 6

EuroVelo (European cycle route network) 6- (Atlantic to the Black Sea) is one of the most popular bike routes going along coasts and rivers, by castles and through amazing landscape. It starts in Nantes, France and finishes in Constanta, Romania. It’s a 3653 km length route, which goes through 10 countries, covers 4 UNESCO sites, and meets 6 European rivers. There is a famous section of it along the Loire and the Danube river which is known to cycle tourists around the world.

The Hungarian section

Budapest and EuroVelo cycle laneThe route from Rajka to Mohács along the Danube river is known for it’s outstanding natural and cultural attractions. The Roman ‘Limes’ along the Danube, the fortresses of Komárom and Komarno, the natural landscape of the Danube Bend and the banks of the Danube in Budapest are all important heritage attractions offering enjoyable diversions.

After the busy Budapest, there is a much calmer part with rural and agricultural areas along the pretty Danube. The cycle route runs by the Gemenc Forest which is located along the Danube, being one of the biggest wilderness reserves in the country.  You can use the local forestry trains and wonder among the deers here to have a little rest from cycling – but there are also bicycle paths if you feel like exploring the wilderness!

Right before the border, you can also enjoy the pretty landscape of the Duna-Dráva National Park. The Hungarian part ends at the border with Croatia and Serbia.

Practical info

All along the way, there is an official EuroVelo signage which makes the biker’s life easier. Maps and guidebooks can be requested by mail with a donation.

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