Cycle trails in the Czech Republic

Cycling in PragueThe Czech Republic is a beautiful country with so much to reward those that take the time to explore it. Doing it on a bike is one of the best ways. Apart from being an exciting activity in itself, you’ll get to cover more ground in a shorter time.

If you’re looking for some route ideas, here’s our recommendations:

Hradec Králové to Kuks

Hradec KrálovéThis one’s an easy one – nice and flat with plenty to look at – overall a great one to take the whole family on if you’re looking for a leisurely excursion. Along the way, you’ll see architectural gems such as Hradec Králové and the Baroque chateau chapel of the Epiphany in Smiřice as well as Heřmanice, which happens to be the birthplace of Albrecht von Wallenstein.

Prague to České Budějovice

České BudějoviceThis one takes you along the Vlatava river and is great if you want to see a little more of the water than what you can enjoy from Charles Bridge. It’s an easy enough cycle, and along the way, you’ll get a chance to check out some charming Baroque style villages, and take in the enchanting Neo-Gothic Hluboká Chateau.

Domažlice to Folmava

Domažlice is a small town in the Plzeň Region and the starting point of another one of the Czech Republic’s epic cycle routes. From here, you’ll head to the picturesque town of Havlovice then the Babylon pond where you can stop for a picnic with the Cerchov Mountain and the luscious Bohemian Forest as a backdrop. Then, it’s on to one more sleepy village – this time Česká Kubice – before you’ll arrive at Folmava on the border, and odd village with just a handful of people but several casinos.

Bike park in Kouty nad Desnou

If you’re a pro biker, and you’ve packed your mountain bike looking for some adventure in the Czech Republic, then you ought to go to the bike park in Kouty nad Desnou. Your day will start with a chairlift ride up the imposing Medvědí hora (Bear Mountain), where you can then start your descent along a number of routes depending on how much of a thrill seeker you are. If you’re a true glutton for pain, then the long-distance route around the reservoir of the ever so slightly eerie Dlouhé Stráně hydroelectric power station is a must-do. At a height of 1,350 metres, you’ll get some great views as well.

Another good option for mountain bikers are the Singltrek trails around Mount Smrk – which promise a serious two-wheeled workout in tranquil woodland surroundings.

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