Krakow: a self-guided bike tour

Lush, cool Planty Gardens

Lush, cool Planty Gardens

The sunny days have finally arrived, opening up a whole new range of ways to explore Krakow, like walking or even Segway tours, for those who have never tried it. However, the city’s main sights are easily accessible for anyone who wishes to go off on their own, savouring the pleasure of discovering its mysteries at their own pace. Biking around Krakow remains a definite favorite when it comes to roaming the city. It is also a great way to enjoy the surroundings with added freedom, at the same time giving you the option to go further out of the city if you feel the urge or just to navigate more comfortably around the sights. Here we collect a few cycle-friendly sights into a flexible itinerary, which still leaves room for a few detours if so desired.

Once you are ready to go, leave Plac Szczepanski towards the Planty Gardens, the green ring surrounding the Historical Town. Joining other cyclists under green trees, the Planty will take you south towards Wawel Castle A must see in Krakow, the bikes will need to be left behind for a short walk up Wawel Hill. The view over the Wisla River and the castle’s diverse architecture make it a perfect place for a few snapshots.

Historic Wawel Castle

Historic Wawel Castle

Afterwards, visit the Dragon’s Cave located at the foot of the Hill and its fire-breathing dragon, the symbol of Krakow. The path will take you to Grunwaldzki Bridge. Crossing over, cycle east towards Podgorze district. The Riverside is a great place to cycle, offering entertainment and refreshments as well as being a popular spot for picnics and sunbathing in the warmer months.

When entering the Podgorze area, bike past St-Joseph’s Church. From here, you can visit some of WWII’s memorials such as the Ghetto Wall fragment on Lwowska Street. For those with time to spare, head towards Schindler’s factory or bike further south to Krakus Mound and walk up to a view of the city.

Lover's Bridge Krakow

Wisla River-side path and Lover’s Bridge Krakow

When ready, head back to the Market Square by crossing the Lover’s Bridge onto Mostowa Street. Bohemian cafes line the street and bring you to Kazimierz. During the summer, food markets offering traditional Polish dishes are often held in Plac Wolnica and are definitely worth a peek. From here, you can easily find your way back to the Planty Gardens and enter the Town Square, gaze at the Mariacki Church and its high twin towers before returning to Plac Szczepanski.

With these ideas in hand, hop on your bike and make it an adventure!

Photos by Stefanie Auger-Roy for Yellow Zebra Tours

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