The perfect picnic in Budapest guide

Budapest The perfect picnic in Budapest guideThe sun is shining so why not celebrate the annual joy of warm weather? Get ready to go on a relaxing picnic! Pick any of the green spots that the Hungarian capital has to offer for those searching for a little fresh air. Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know in order to organize the perfect picnic.

Where to go?

Budapest offers a plethora of green areas, public parks, and romantic hidden gardens.

Even if you only have a few hours, you can still take advantage of the nice weather. Probably the most popular picnic destinations in the city are Elizabeth Square (Erzsébet tér), Liberty Square (Szabadság tér), the Károlyi Gardens (Károlyi kert), the garden of the National Museum, the Botanical Garden (Füvészkert) or the Bottomless Lake (Feneketlen-tó). These parks serve as little oases in the inner city.

If you don’t mind doing a little hiking, you can also climb the Gellért Hill or go to Normafa or Anna-rét, hidden among the Buda Hills. These picnic areas are also equipped with drinking wells and fire pits.

If you prefer staying close to the water, go to the Kopaszi Dam (Kopaszi gát) or the Roman Riverbank (Római part) and relax while enjoying the typical blue Danube landscape.

And last but not least, Margaret Island is a jolly-joker, the perfect place to escape from the city. It is easily approachable, it is clean and car-free, suitable for outdoor activities or sports and it is definitely bigger and greener than any other parks in the city.

To learn more about some of the best spots, check our list of hidden parks and gardens! Are you going with your most precious one? Find the best romantic scenes!

Please do not forget to check in advance if the premise allows you to bring your own food/drinks. The consumption of alcohol in restricted on some public areas.

Budapest The perfect picnic in Budapest guideWhat to take?

First of all, do not forget about your two-wheeled friend! The easiest and the most environmentally friendly way of getting somewhere is cycling. Follow the bike lanes, they will lead you the way.

Take a blanket, a picnic basket filled up with sandwiches, snacks (don’t forget to get some seasonal fruits from the market) and some refreshing drinks (avoid dehydration, so drink plenty of water!) and maybe a bottle of wine. If you feel like it, you can also bring your beachwear and a towel so during the hot hours you can get a nice tan too (remember to protect your skin and take your sunscreen as well!). Take a book, a ball or a frisbee and you will see that time really flies when you are having fun.

Budapest The perfect picnic in Budapest guide

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