Prague street food

Prague street foodThe Czechs love their food just about as much as they love their beer, and while their restaurant game has always been great, the street food scene is still evolving with a mix of local and international eats on offer.

If you like to wander around while you eat, we’ve put together this guide so you can find the grub you want.

Street Food Jam @ Cross Club

Cross Club is one of the most popular clubs in the city, and every 2 weeks throughout summer they host an all day street food festival to delight your appetite. Expect dozen of stands offering up a delicious array of stuff, live music throughout the day and vibrant atmosphere as locals and tourists alike come together to enjoy the (hopefully) good summer weather.

Chimney Cake (Trdelnik)

Prague street food

A staple of the region, chimney cakes are spirals of delicious dough, grilled over an open fire and dusted in sugar, cinnamon, walnut, coconut to perfection. You’ll find plenty of stands all over the city offering this fine treat – particularly in the Old Town as it’s a hit with tourists.

Prague 1 Farmers Market

Prague street food

Open every week, Monday – Friday, Prague 1 Farmers Market is a place to head if you’re feeling peckish for some local produce. This place has a huge array of all the usual stuff – produce, dairy and baked goods galore. Eat as you go and take something back with you – you’ll be helping to support the local economy.

Hot Dogs in Prague

Sausage lovers out there might be heartened to hear that Czechs are big fans of this quick on-the-go snack. Czech ones are a little different – served inside a french crunchy baguette rather than soft bread – something that helps keep the condiments a little more secure.

You’ll find stalls all over the city as well as eat-in places catering the more gourmet end of the market. One option popular with locals is EuroHotDog who serve from street stands all day long and are good and cheap.

Fried Cheese Sandwich

Another local favourite is fried cheese, served in between bread or alone as desired. Head over to Wenceslas Square pretty much any time of the day to get your fill.

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