Segway- the fun, speedy way to see a city


Segways -serious distances on your tour, without breaking a sweat!

Segways allow you to cover serious distances on your tour, without breaking a sweat!

Segway - the "2-wheeled, self-balancing upright motorised scooter"

Promotional picture of the “2-wheeled, self-balancing upright motorised scooter”

A Segway is a one-person vehicle, a two-wheeled motorised scooter that you ride standing up. It is easy to learn and after a brief training, you will be confidently zipping around the city, covering the distances between sights quickly and having a lot of fun!

Training and safety

Riding a Segway is not difficult or dangerous, but to be on the safe side, everyone has to wear a helmet and attend a training session lasting 20-30 minutes before any tour, which our guides usually make a lot of fun.

Our tours

If you don’t fancy cycling or have always wanted to try out one of these cool machines, Now is your chance! Use a Segway to effortlessly tour the city sights in:

Ride alone, as a couple or in a group

Ride alone, as a couple or in a group

You can find out full tour details and timing in your city at the above links, but all tours start and finish at the Yellow Zebra Office, start with 20-30 minutes of Segway training, then blast off around the city for 2 hours or more, of touring fun.

While Segways cannot be rented out the same way as bicycles, we are happy to organise tours for small groups, couples, and individuals, so that along with your guide, you can zoom around the city to your heart’s content. If you are pressed for time, or have just one or two particular places to see without all the explanations, you could take our “Fun Segway ride” option and develop a route with our experienced guides.

The tech side

Technically, this machine could be described as a self balancing, two wheeled electric personal transporter vehicle, as Segway is actually the  brand name (think “Kleenex”). The name actually means “a smooth transition”, and derives from the Latin segue, “to follow”. Segways certainly are smooth, accelerating and decelerating according to how far the rider leans forward or backward. On our tours, Segways have their speed limited to 10Km/h at first, though after riding safely for a while, the guide can alter this to permit the top speed of 20Km/h. Segways are also very quiet, as they run off an electric motor, and batteries. Don’t worry though, they can take you through hours and hours of sightseeing before needing to be plugged in back at our offices.

Segways really are self-balancing!

Segways really are self-balancing!

How to get started

It’s simple! Call us, drop into our offices or find out about prices and tour times on our Segway Tours page!

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