Yellow Zebra Bike tour with coffee stop

Yellow Zebra bike tourYellow zebra offers several great tours, but probably the most popular one, once great weather arrives, is the Yellow Zebra Bike tour with coffee stop. Doing a bike tour in general is such a perfect way to see the city, to cover lots of sights in a short time.

Yellow Zebra bike tour

The Yellow Zebra 3-speed Cruiser, a classic ride for a classic Yellow Zebra Tour

Yellow Zebra offers bike tours between 1 March and 30 November, during the high season every day, the rest of the year, only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The duration of this type of tour is 4 hours, during which there is a short break in a cafe, perfect for relaxing a bit in order to get the power to finish the other half of the tour. It is preferable to do it on the first day of any visits, as this can be a great help to be able to orientate later in the city.

The Yellow Zebra Bike tour  takes 15 guests maximum to keep an ambient atmosphere. It starts in the Yellow Zebra office just right behind the Opera House, where all the guests get comfortable bikes for the tour. The lucky situation is that in Budapest there are great bike roads and paths which make this kind of transport easier. The first stop is the Heroes Square after a 2 km ride via the Andrássy Boulevard (the longest road of the city). Here the guests can get to know the history briefly, as all the statues erected there tell the story from the 9th century (time of the Hungarian conquest) until the 19th century (when the square was built). This is a great help as later the tour guide can make references for all the events mentioned here before. Then comes a short and relaxing ride in the City Park, behind the square, which is full with recreational amenities such as Széchenyi Baths, the State Circus, the Zoo and te Vajdahunyad Castle. This building now hosts the Agricultural Museum, but also very practical as it shows the three major architectural styles, such as roman, gothique and the combination of renaissance and baroque. This is really a fairytale like castle. After this, there is a ride back to the city center to cover the main heart of Budapest. Great symbol of the city is the St Stephens Basilica, the biggest Roman Catholic church built for the state founder.

Yellow Zebra bike tour

Choose between KTM and Cruisers for your Yellow Zebra bike tour

There is a short coffee break then, where the visitors can have a drink and have the chance to taste the world famous strudel, in a real Strudel House. The next stop is the Liberty square, already in the business area, where the tour guide shows two memorials commemorating the events of 1944-45, first the Holocaust then the Soviet Liberation. The square itself is a great green area. Then comes the Parliament, the biggest icon of the city, which is newly renovated. We are lucky enough to have the river Danube in the middle of the city offering a nice view to the Pest and Buda side as well, while walking near it. The bike tour continues by the embankment offering a great view for the Castle District of Buda. Then comes the Chain Bridge, the first permanent bridge of Budapest. Crossing the bridge, the tour arrives to Buda. Taking the bike road near the embankment offers again a perfect view to the Pest side. The tour continues on the Liberty Bridge, and arrives back to Pest. Taking the small ring of the city is quite a ride; this takes us back to the city center after riding a circle. On the way, the visitors have the chance to see the main center, as well as the National Museum, and the Grand Synagogue, as well. This is actually the second biggest in the world, after the one in New York. After turning back to the Andrássy Boulevard the visitors can admire the Opera House by the boulevard before returning to the Yellow Zebra office.

It is such an enjoyable 16 kilometers long bike ride, mainly in a perfect weather.

The best way to get to the Yellow Zebra office:
To take the metro 1 one, and getting off at the Opera metro stop. The office is right behind the building (16 Lázár street).

Yellow Zebra bike tour

Setting off on a Yellow Zebra bike tour

Useful tips for the Yellow Zebra Bike tour:
Having really comfortable clothes and sport shoes on. Raincoats are provided in the office, if needed. Don’t forget to have a bit of breakfast before the tour to have energy for the first part, as well. It is a great idea to use sun cream during the summer, as well as a hat to protect the head from too much sunshine. Always bring water with you for the tour, and of course, don’t forget your camera. 

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