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Prague bike tour

Prague Bike Tour

Prague, the city of a thousand spires. Full of history, Baroque architecture and traditional foods to die for. And, talking of dying, there are more churches than you can shake your guide book at....

Budapest Evening Segway Tour,BP Segway Chain bridge from Gesham Palace IMG_3167-800

Budapest Evening Segway Tour

For adventurous types who always want to try something new and different on their holidays, riding around the city of Budapest on two wheels might be an unforgettable experience. Segways are fun, Segways are...

Segway tour,Segways -serious distances on your tour, without breaking a sweat!

Segway- The Fun Way to See a City

  Introduction: Segway Tour, the fun way to see a city A Segway is a one-person vehicle, a two-wheeled motorised scooter that you ride standing up. It’s easy to learn. And after a brief training,...