Cycle Around Lake Balaton



Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is essentially the Hungarian sea and is located in the western part of the country. Furthermore it’s not too far away from Budapest. Hungarian families usually organize their annual summer holidays here because it is a perfect spot for people of any age. The Balaton region has a lot to offer, with its beautiful landscapes, flatter and more hilly parts, its wine regions and cute little beaches.

Bike lane around the lake

Because of that, it is really popular among nature lovers and bikers. There is a 210 kilometer long bike lane running round the Balaton which gives a perfect opportunity for those who want to see the life around it.

The stage itself is quite easy, only the North and East shore has a few hillside routes- mainly at Tihany, but the view is worth the hassle.

You can either cycle around the whole lake or just find a smaller route and finish that. It goes through 3 counties complete with varied scenery. It usually follows the shore, but sometimes it goes further inland, using official bike lanes and sometimes the small streets of little towns. There are plenty of signs to point you in the right direction


Cycle around the whole lake

If you want to cycle around the whole lake, I would recommend taking around 4-5 days. Then you don’t need to rush and you always have some time to get some lunch, or to have a drink. On your way, you will always find guestthouses where you can sleep for the night, but you might find it useful to book these in advance. There are also several camping sites where you can always find cheap spots even in high season.

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What to see/what to do

Take your time and enjoy the view and visit some cultural heritage sites . For example the abbey of Tihany. Or taste some wine at Badacsony. And then at the end of a wonderful day, why not just  enjoy the sunsets from the shore.

Spend some time on the beach while having a lángos for lunch with a glass of beer or lemonade. In the summertime you might find lots of cyclers following the same route. So then, it’s an easy way to make some new friends.

Enjoy your ride!

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