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Cool Prague

Introduction: Cycle Cool Prague

Downtown Prague can be described as beautiful, energetic and exciting – well worth experiencing while you’re here. But it’s also tourist filled and can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, Prague has plenty out of the center worth exploring, and if you’ve rented a Yellow Zebra bike from us, it will be even easier to get around and see them.

Here are a few neighborhoods worth exploring:


About 15 minutes tram ride from the city center, and dotted with Art Nouveau and Neo-Classical buildings, this area has a certain understated charm. The area’s rebirth as a hip area is partly the responsibility of Ondrej Kobza who opened a cafe, the Café V Lese, and then encouraged other entrepreneurs to move to the area.

Today the cafe scene is vibrant and nearby hostel Czech Inn brings a fair amount of adventurous young tourists to the area. Meanwhile, if you’re seeking a caffeine boost, go check out the local Coffee House. And if you want something to look at, the Husuv Sbor Church and Villa of Mr Kotera both turn heads.

Prague cafe,Czech cuisine,Czech Foods

Cool Prague. Coffee House in Vršovice


The first thing people will tell you about Žižkov is that, with over 300 pubs, it has the most bars per capita of any European city district. This is great news, of course if that’s your thing (errr..why wouldn’t it be?). But there is more to Žižkov than that. As a former working-class part of the city, for many years it was unloved and attracted young people and artists who tend to flock towards the lowest rents.

As a result, it’s blossomed into a cultural and creative hotspot. Consequently it offers so much more than just bars to explore. For example, Café Pavlac boasts the best coffee and one of the cheapest breakfasts in the city. And, if you like art, the Hunt Kastner Gallery is nearby, showcasing mostly Czech artists, but the occasional international exhibition as well.

A view over Žižkov

Cool Prague. A view over Žižkov

Letná & Holešovice

This is a good area to explore if you don’t mind a bit of walking. Also it’s never too early for a drink by the time you set off. To that end, we recommend starting at the Letna Beer Garden with its stunning views over the city below. And, nearby are the National Technical Museum and the  National Agricultural Museum if that’s your thing.

As you continue your walk, you’ll find great food places. These include SaSaZu that serves Asian cuisine, and cool coffeE spots like Alza Cafe. And, a little souvenir shopping from local creators can be done at places like Looox and Megapixel.

Finally, as you reach the heart of Holešovice,  you might consider wrapping things up at the Dox Contemporary Art Center, another launching pad for many a local artist.

Cool Prague,Prague,Prague Arts

An exhibition at the DOX Gallery

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