Cycle Outer Budapest

Cycle outer Budapest

Finally, the frost is gone and your bike is feeling very lonely after the long winter, and eager for you to ride it. But it’s still not the time for long bike trips. Is there a way to bike away from the traffic without leaving the city itself? Yes there is! Budapest – with its almost 200 km-long bike lane system – is just big enough to give you plenty of opportunities to ride your bike around the outer city. Let us give you some ideas of where to go when you cycle outer Budapest!

Margit-sziget (Margaret Island)

If you do not necessarily want to go off the map, visit the picturesque Margaret Island. You can enter via Margaret Bridge or Árpád Bridge – there is a cycle path on both of them. Ride around the island, enjoy the fresh air, and stop to have a picnic or just a lemonade. Don’t forget to say hello to the deer and rabbits in the little zoo.

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Cycle outer Budapest: City Park

Városliget (City Park)

Another biking paradise close to the inner city is the City Park. Riding along the Andrássy Avenue and through Heroes’ Square is something you can’t get bored of. After passing stunning buildings and monuments, you will find yourself in a huge green area perfect for cycling around.

Kopaszi gát (Kopaszi dam)

On the south of the Buda side, you can find an artificial dam, the Kopaszi gát. There is a really comfortable bike lane taking you to the dam. Here you can have a refreshing drink or even a proper meal while watching the ducks and children trying to skip rocks. It is the ideal place to escape from the city bustle, but you’ll be back in a maximum of half an hour.

Cycle outer Budapest,Római part

Cycle outer Budapest: Romai Part

Római part (Roman Riverbank)

Cycling up to the north side of the river, after about an hour you’ll reach a very charming stretch of the Danube – the so-called Roman Riverbank. Nowadays there is nothing really “Roman” about it (apart from the museum close by), it is actually really Hungarian. You can experience the relaxed more provincial lifestyle with “lángos” (deep fried flat bread) and “fröccs” (spritzer) while relaxing on the beach. If you don’t feel like cycling back to the city, you can also take the public ferry.

Népliget (People’s Park)

Népliget is an often forgotten public park and is located next to the long-distance bus station bearing the same name. When you cycle around the park, have a look at the sundial and if you have time, check out a show in the Planetarium. Népliget is probably the only place where you can actually walk (or even bike!) the whole Solar System.

Buda Hills

In case you need a good workout, you can also hit the Buda Hills. There is no better way to warm you up than making your way to one of the viewpoints. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the Castle Hill, Buda has a lot more to offer!

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