Hospital in the Rock

Entrance of the Hospital in the rock

Entrance of the Hospital in the Rock

An Introduction: Hospital in the Rock

There are many sights in the capital of Hungary which you should consider as ‘must-see’. But there are a few interesting and unique spots which you should definitely make time to see.

hir2Budapest has a wide range of museums, and one of the greatest is the Hospital in the Rock. It is definitely one of the more unusual in the city. It tells such a breathtaking story, and shows it in an interactive way. You’ll find it on the Buda side of the city, part of the Buda Castle, making it quite accessible.

Hospital and Bunker

This Museum (which was open to the public in 2008) is part of a 10 km long stretch of interconnected caves and cellars underneath the Buda Castle Hill. Covering more than 2300 m2, it used to be a former secret emergency hospital and nuclear bunker.

hir1In the beginning, the caves with the tunnels were an air raid shelter. Then an emergency surgical hospital was also built here. In fact it was in active use during the Second Wold War until July 1945, when the Soviet Army arrived, and the Nazi Army of Germany left our country.

The 1956 Revolution 

So the hospital lay dormant for some time. However, the 1956 Revolution, saw it re-open to treat wounded civilians and soldiers. From 1958 it was expanded to withstand potential chemical and nuclear attacks during the Cold War.

With its unique story, as a tourist attraction, it has won several prizes each year. Including one from TripAdvisor.

Arguably the main aim of the Hospital in the Rock Museum is to show the real face of the war to the audience. There is an emphasis on the value of peace whilst at the same time commemorating all those heroes (doctors, nurses, volunteers), who proved their humanity even in those cold and gray times.

The museum also has a shop, where visitors have the chance to buy souvenirs. Also you can even try out some of the special equipment and masks used at the hospital.  

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 10am-8pm. They provide guided tours. For language options and availabilities, please check the website:

How to get there

From downtown Deák Square(/or from Széll Kálmán Square), take the bus #16 up to the Castle Hill and get off at Matthias Church, from there it is 2 minutes of wall to the back of the Hill.

Address: Budapest, Lovas út 4/C, 1012

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