Cycle to the Kopaszi Dam


Kopaszi gát,Kopaszi Dam

Kopaszi gát” or Kopaszi Dam. Photo by Sztudva Gyöngyi

The “Kopaszi gát” or Kopaszi Dam is an artificial dam in the south of Buda. Its history goes way back to the 19th century when it was built to be a dock and also to protect the nearby factories from floods. Quite recently it has gone through an innovative development project and become a public park. As of today, it’s one of the most popular recreational areas in the city.

The Kopaszi Dam

The dam is basically a 900m long man-made peninsula between ‘Lágymányos-bay’ and mainstream Danube. You’ll find that he park is open everyday from 6am until 10pm. The altogether 10-acre area is a perfect riverside setting for a romantic stroll, sports activities or relaxation. All along it’s dotted with both expensive and cheap restaurants and cafes with terraces overlooking the bay. You can even try some typical local street food like the famous “lángos” (deep fried flat bread) or “kürtőskalács” (chimney cake). There is also a playhouse for the little ones. Whether you prefer the sandy beach on the bay side or the green grass overlooking the Danube, you will be able to relax. While listening to the ducks quacking you will completely forget that you are actually still in Budapest.

Giant lángos at the dam,Kopaszi Dam,

Giant lángos at the Kopaszi Dam

How to get there?

If you’re thinking of cycling to the Kopaszi Dam it’s pretty easy. When approaching it from the inner city you just need to follow the bike lanes to the Buda side. Then head south along the Danube till you reach the dam. Once you’re there, you can have a refreshing drink or even a proper meal to recharge your batteries. Or you can just relax by putting your feet up and enjoying the beach feel while taking in the scenery.

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