Prague Bike Tour

Prague, the city of a thousand spires. Full of history, Baroque architecture and traditional foods to die for. And, talking of dying, there are more churches than you can shake your guide book at. Your problem with the Czech capital, isn’t that there’s a lack of things to see, do and explore. It’s simply knowing where and how to start. Yes, we know, begin at the beginning. But where is that, exactly? Well, we know, so let us help you on a Prague bike tour!

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Sunset over Prague Castle

A Prague Bike Tour

Yellow Zebra Tours run a couple of Prague bike tours that’ll have you finding your feet and getting your bearings here in no time. They are both of 3 hours each, but one runs during the day and the other in the cool of the early evening. Oh…and one of them features beer! Yes, Czech beer, the real deal, poorly imitated from wherever you’ve come from! Of course the advantage of biking around the city is that, not only do you feel the energy of the streets, but, on a practical note, you can certainly cover a lot of ground within a relatively short time. Prague is flat and riding down it’s narrow streets, surrounded by imposing walls and buildings that bleed history, with the breeze in your hair (and flies in your teeth) creates a wonderful sensation. In fact you can almost feel the history in your very bones.

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Prague Old Town hall

The Tour Begins

Each Prague bike tour begins from from the Old Town, with an introduction to your lovely guide. These are lifeblood of our business. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, entertaining and caring, these are the guys and girls who will ensure you a memorable experience, along with keeping you safe and secure. From cycling across the Vltavwe river to the Kampa park. Hearing stories in front of the John Lennon Wall. Taking a different look at the world through the eyes of the artist David Cerny and the writer Franz Kafka. Listening to the tragedy that unfolded as you respectfully make your way through the Jewish Quarter to the Jewish cemetery. Then onwards to the Old Town Square, positively overflowing with Medieval history to pause in front of the wonderful Astrological Clock. Next riding past the Powder Tower on the way to Mozart’s famous theater. And to conclude in Wenceslas Square. Moreover, this, for Czechs, is the place where the catalyst for historic change originated. Be it the Czech Uprising or the Velvet Revolution, this square is steeped in modern history.

Hold My Beer

There’s a refreshment stop for both these tours, though the evening Prague bike tour does involve beer. Did someone say beer? Real Czech beer? Yep…we conclude this tour with a visit to a microbrewery. From here on, as there’s no more bike riding to do, you can feel free to indulge. So sit down with a cold beer and rest those hard working thigh muscles. Here you can relax informally with the other members of your group and swap the personal experiences of what you’ve seen and felt. Also you can also chat with your guide. Furthermore remember that these are “your” tours, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions along the way, as well as feeling free to stop for photos or whatever. And please, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


Finally it’s important to us that when you return from your explorations, you feel slightly more empowered with the new knowledge gained. So hopefully this will lead to a better understanding of why you came to Prague.

Šťastnou cestu!


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