How to Make the Most of Your Prague Cycle Tour

Prague Cycle Tour

If you’ve booked a Prague cycle tour with Yellow Zebra, then you’ve made a great choice. This is your chance to deep dive into the city’s fascinating history and culture. You’ll be led by an experienced local guide who’s there to ensure you have as much fun as possible, and go away having learned everything you want to about the sights you see.

To that end, here is some advice on getting the most out of your tour.

Ask plenty of questions

Prague cycle tour,Prague bike tour

Prague cycle tour

Don’t be shy – really! There are no silly questions, and in fact, our guides relish the chance to show off what they know about the city – even the really obscure stuff. On the small chance that they don’t know the answer, we’ll be sure to follow-up in the following days once we’ve got the answer.

Take lots of photos

,Prague cycle tour,Prague bike tour

Prague cycle tour

We want you to go home with memories and taking photos is the best way to preserve them. Your guide will make plenty of stops so you can snap away. And if you need a little more time in a place to snap the perfect shot, please just ask.

And, if you’ve got something specific on your photography shopping list, speak to us in advance or tap your guide on the shoulder at the start of the tour. Because this way, as long as it’s on the tour route, we can make sure you see it along the way.

Get the know your fellow guests

Prague cycle tour,Prague bike tour

Prague cycle tour

We keep our groups deliberately small. This is partly so the guide can be sure to give every guest the attention they need. Also it’s to help you feel more comfortable. Maybe get to the know the others in your group, find out where they are from and what they’re up to in Prague. Because you’re sure to make some new friends to hang out with after your Prague cycle tour.

Happy cycling!

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