Prague and the EuroVelo 4 Cycle Lane

Introduction: The EuroVelo 4 Cycle Lane

The EuroVelo cycle lanes are a network of well-maintained cycle paths that are spread out throughout Europe. The one we’re going to talk about today – and the most interesting one in our opinion – is EuroVelo 4 cycle lane.

The Route

The EuroVelo 4 is a grand West to East cycle path. It takes in some of the most exciting countries and beautiful scenery in all of Europe. Starting in Roscoff in Northern France and traversing all the way to Kiev in Ukraine, it runs through both Prague, and the smaller, but just as stunning, Brno to the East of the country.

Cycling in lower Bohemia

EuroVelo 4 cycle lane. Cycling in lower Bohemia

Prague and Brno

The city of Prague is the beating heart of the Czech Republic. Above all it’s a city with many hundreds of years of culture and history baked into it. So there’s always plenty of things to excite the senses. Consequently, whether you stay for a week or a day, you’ll receive a warm welcome from locals and will, no doubt, have an unforgettable experience.

A bike parked up in the snow

EuroVelo 4 cycle lane. A bike parked up in the snow

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the largest in the Moravian region. Its sights include the spectacular Špilberk Castle as well as the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul visible from afar on account of its tall spires. The Brno Exhibition Center is one of the largest in Europe. So you’ll often find various trade fairs in the city on any given month.

EuroVelo 4 cycle lane

EuroVelo 4 cycle lane. Taking in the view after a hard cycle

Other Czech Sights on the Route

Two other important regions on the route include Carlsbad and Ostrava. Furthermore you’ll have the chance to see the Ohře (Eger) Berounka, Vltava (Moldau), Labe (Elbe) or Morava Rivers along the route.

Another popular excursion includes riding along the Ohře River from Cheb to the world famous spa of Karlovy Vary. Similarly you could cycle the beautiful Berounka-Střela green way through Křivoklátsko to see the Karlštejn Castle. Finally, if you enjoy a challenge, you could start at the UNESCO site of Kutná Hora and head through the Bohemian Highlands onwards to South Moravia’s capital, Brno.

Happy Cycling!

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