The Perfect Prague Picnic

Introduction: Prague Picnic

The sun is out and so are the residents and tourists of Prague. You’re probably thinking of joining them, and what better way to enjoy a great day than to go for a Prague picnic. But where to go and what to take? To aid you in your quest, we’ve put together this quick guide to get you on our way.

The Rules

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Prague picnic.

Before we start, the boring stuff! BBQs are fine in certain places, as long as you’re an adult. And please dispose of the ashes afterwards. For this reason, portable and disposable grills, are probably your best option. Permitted places include Ďáblický háj, Divoká Šárka, Hloubětín and Hostivař. Also Klukovice, Kunratice and Řepy.

While drinking in public is prohibited, it’s up for debate how much this is enforced and where. Loud tourists drinking in Old Town Square are likely to get in trouble. But if you’re quietly enjoying a few beers in a park, so long as you’re of legal drinking age, then all should be fine. Don’t litter though, that’s also illegal and horribly anti social!

Where To Go

Picnic in Prague

Prague picnic,Prague picnic: Enjoying a beer outdoors in Letná Park

Thanks to Prague’s natural beauty and abundance of great parks and outdoor spots, you’re really spoiled for choice. Consequently your ultimate selection will depend on which part of the city you fancy seeing.

Letná Park, with its sweeping views of the city and great outdoor bar, is an obvious choice. So is Vyšehrad, which is rich in historical significance and sights. For those that want to chow down next to the river, you can go wrong on the ever-popular Střelecký Ostrov Island.

Further out, Divoká Šárka is an excellent pick if you want to leave behind the hustle and bustle of Prague. You’ll be relaxing around a lake in a stunning nature reserve.

What To Eat and Drink

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A Delicious Chimney Cake

If you’re thirsty, then we always recommend Czech beer which, in our opinion, is the best in the world, darn cheap, and not too strong on the alcohol side.

Other than the usual favourite picnic foods, if you’re looking to add some local things to your basket, may we recommend bread and potato pancakes, smažený sýr, which is fried cheese, chlebíčky open-faced sandwiches, or trdelník, otherwise known as chimney cakes, if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

Bon appetite or chuť k jídlu!

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