Prague’ Must See Sights

Prague's must see sights,Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague’s must see sights: Astronomical Clock

Prague’s must see sights

Prague is a truly enchanting city and it won’t take you long to realise that when you arrive. Everywhere you look there are stunning buildings and monuments rising above small, winding streets that invite you in with cute cafes and bars.

We could literally spend all day telling your about the places you just have to see while you’re here, but we’ll try to list some of the best:

Charles Bridge

Prague's must see sights,Charles Bridge Prague

Prague’s must see sights: Charles Bridge 

Probably the most iconic sight in Prague, Charles Bridge is spectacular both to look at from afar and to look out from. You’ll most likely get to do both as you explore the city. Finished in the 15th century, it has served as the most important connection between Prague’s Old Town and Prague Castle.

Today you’ll find it packed with photographers, street artists, buskers and, alarmingly, a lot of pickpockets – be careful as you take in the view!

Prague Astronomical Clock

Another icon of Prague is astronomical clock which was installed in 1410. This makes it the third oldest in the world and the oldest one still running. It adorns the wall of Prague Town Hall and draws crowds all day long, particularly on the hour, when the clock’s figurines put on a little show and dance.


Vyšehrad sits a little away from Prague’s downtown and is a medieval fortress overlooking the River Vltava. It has been renovated and expanded at several points in history. In the grounds, you can visit the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul as well as the Vyšehrad Cemetery which holds the remains of some famous Czechs.

Prague's must see sights,Wenceslas Square Prague

Prague’s must see sights: Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square

While perhaps not the most beautiful, Wenceslas Square is definitely one of Prague’s busiest squares. It’s a great place for people watching or for taking a stroll up to the Wenceslas Monument and National Museum which sit at the top of the hill.

Wenceslas Square has been a focal point for many important events in the city’s history. These include the Velvet Revolution, which saw the country gain back its independence from the USSR.


If you want to get the blood flowing, Petřín is a hill in the center of Prague. Standing at 130m above the River Vltava, it’s not too hard of a walk. But does offer grand views of the river and the city. And it’s a great place for a little picnic and chilling out in the summer.

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