Ban it if no solution? – Yellow Zebra Bikes and Segway Tours Welcomes New 5th District Regulations


Segway regulation in Budapest is a hot topic. Of course the new 5th District  rules to control e-mobility devices are favorable for the safety of pedestrians. However these fail to regulate public space usage based on sustainability, health and economic priorities. Local governments should not discriminate against businesses that reduce motorized traffic and contribute to cleaner air. We also develop tourism and grow the city’s tax income.

So are there other solutions to improve the safety of pedestrians?

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Segway regulation in Budapest. Participants of all Yellow Zebra Segway tours wear helmets

May 31st 2018


As both originator and market leader of Budapest Segway tours, Yellow Zebra has always enjoyed cooperating with the 5th District local government. This is in order to better the experience for tourism and encourage better co-existence between tourists and the city’s residential population. We fully support the idea of regulations in regard to pedestrian safety zone usage by e-mobility vehicles such as Segways and e-bikes. Despite media news to the contrary, these vehicles are not banned. But they are regulated. To this end they are forbidden in certain areas of the city, especially those with high pedestrian traffic. As a Segway tour provider since 2005, Yellow Zebra agrees with most of these designated locations. As for the rest, well, we are presently in ongoing consultations as to which areas may or may not be utilized.

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Segway regulation in Budapest. Each Segway tour starts with a proper 20-30 mins training session.

At Yellow Zebra, we always look forward to an open dialogue between the city government and tour operators. After all, this is for the stability and safety of the city’s traffic infrastructure. A real and pressing problem is that there exist no legal classification for any of these e-vehicles. From a legal stand point, this lack of classification is now preventing the successful introduction and implementation of these regulations. To this end, e-machines like E-scooters, Segways, hover boards, one wheeled machines, e-bikes, pedelecs, e-scooters and rickshaws need to be legally classified by law makers. And soon!


The government should be making decisions for our co-existence with e-vehicles based on certain important priorities. These should include creating a healthier and sustainable environment via the usage of more eco-friendly means of transport. On the other hand, air polluting vehicles are poorly regulated. This holds with regard to parking and their usage in bike lanes and within pedestrian zones. Unfortunately it appears that the government is more concerned with the bureaucracy concerning a few e-machines than that of the well-being of the city’s pedestrian population. 

Here at Yellow Zebra we have always striven to run safe and respectable tours. Before the invasion of ex-Prague entities or those that choose a lower standard of business ethics and rules, Yellow Zebra enjoyed a wonderful symbiosis with the city and its inhabitants. But now, thanks to an upsurge in unregulated businesses, the city pavements are now buzzing with e-machines. Consequently these riders often drive in an irresponsible and reckless manner to the detriment and irritation of pedestrians. As a result, we feel that the emphasis should be on stronger business regulations. Also this should go hand in hand with the proper enforcement of legal licenses and permits. To that end the government really needs to improves checks with regard to these false businesses. It’s unfortunate that until then, congestion of these e-machines will continue to be an annoyance and safety concern. 

It should also be emphasize that legal companies offering touristic services create jobs and pay taxes. These in turn benefit the economy of Budapest.

We hope that the city lawmakers take that into consideration.

Contact: Szabolcs Egyeki,, Tel: +36 20 514 3384

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