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Krakow street food,A stall selling Obwarzanek

Krakow Street Food

Introduction: Krakow Street Food Polish food is some of the best in Europe, hearty, wholesome and rooted in hundreds of years of history. Eating is a big part of local culture, and while it’s mostly...

Best Restaurants Krakow,Best Restaurants in Krakow,Delicious Polish food in Krakow

Best Restaurants in Krakow

An Introduction: The Best Restaurants in Krakow Good food is a big part of any holiday. When you come to Krakow, we want to make sure you taste the best. From home-cook favorites to...

Polish Christmas,Christmas decorations of the Christmas market

The 12 Dishes of Polish Christmas

Introduction: Polish Christmas Dishes As a matter of fact Christmas Eve dinner, or Wigilia, is the most important celebration of the year for families throughout Poland. Moreover as well as close family, it is customary...