Three Days in Prague

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Three days in Prague: Old Town Square Prague

Three Days in Prague

The most common amount of time an average tourist spends in Prague is something around three to four days. So you’re wondering how to fill up your three days in Prague so you’ll get the very most out of your trip. Here’s our short list of suggestions is for you! We recommend stepping up the pace and taking a bike tour to really learn what’s in style, but you can also make your own way of course. Here are the things that we as locals, appreciate the most.

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Three days in Prague: Church of St. Mary of the Snows

DAY 1 – Getting to know Prague

The very first day you explore this gorgeous city should be a day of getting a brief overview of what you can see here, as well as visiting the most famous sights of Prague, such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square. Our personal experience of travelling abroad is that there is no better way of getting an introduction into the city’s history than taking a walking tour or a bike tour. Your guide will recommend some places to visit later on. And also point out the essentials you need to know while you’re here.

DAY 2 – Going deeper

So you already have a brief overview of what Prague is really about. Now it’s usually a good time to focus on things that not every tourist might see. As an old medieval city, Prague is full of hidden places and sights, which remain overlooked by many people. Sometimes, if you do some deep research before you arrive in the city, you can find those places on your own. But a good local guide usually knows his way around, so you can ask them or hire them for private tour off the beaten track. Sometimes the most memorable moments of your vacation are the ones when you get to know the things and sights most of tourists don’t have a clue about. Our personal suggestion is to put these sights on your list: Loreta, Church of St. Mary of the Snows, Church of St. James the Greater and Vyšehrad.

riverside walk

Three days in Prague: Riverside walk

DAY 3 – Relax; get some souvenirs and re-visit places you liked

On the very last day you should take it easy. If you collect souvenirs from most of the places you travel to, have your own small shopping tour around the Old Town Square (that’s where most of the souvenir shops are) and get some good stuff. Sometimes it pays to re-visit some of the places you liked and didn’t have enough time to fully discover yet. Also we highly recommend taking a leisurely walk along the riverside (especially at night!). From here you can admire the gorgeous panoramic views across the river. Finally a very popular way to end the trip in summertime is to take a boat cruise at night. All those scenes of beautifully illuminated sights, are unforgettable!

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