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It's new, it's fun, it's special!
Cruise the Imperial City on a Segway. Imagine cruising effortlessly through the beautiful parks and around historic buildings while receiving a great orientation, historical and current-day information from your professional guide.

We offer a great orientation, all the educational info, heaps of unique and fascinating stories, the opportunity to meet other travelers, fantastic photo ops and superb personal service from your guide. Basically, we want you to enjoy riding Segways like we do and have a great time doing it!
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On this tour we want to give you a "feel" for Vienna in the evening. Depending on the time of year you will enjoy the sunset, the magnificent buildings lit up against the evening sky and be transported back 150 years to how Vienna might have looked like for the Habsburgs as they took their evening carriage ride.
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Ideal for friends, family or work colleagues!

Looking for something exciting and special? Experience something new with your friends, family or colleagues. Segway offers a unique, fun, and tailored to your wishes encounter. Whether you glide through the city, along the Danube Canal or through the giant Prater Park, riding a Segway is fun for all.
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Our private tours can be conducted in several languages – please email us with your enquiry!

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