FAQ – Yellow Zebra

Where do I get tickets or how do I book?

Booking on-line is the best way to secure your place on one of our Yellow Zebra tours.
You’re also very welcome to just turn up at our tour center and book there and then. Our Yellow Zebra tour office staff are happy to assist you in choosing the tour that is right for you. You may email us for more information or call us.

How can I pay?

We accept credit and debit cards (both on-line and in our tour center) and cash in our tour center. For private tours, bank transfers are also acceptable.

Can I tip my guides?

Tipping is by no means is a requirement but our guides are always happy to accept.

Where do the Yellow Zebra tours leave from?

All Yellow Zebra bike and Segway tours leave from our Absolute Tour Center. The address is: 1065 Budapest, Lázár utca 16 (it’s just behind the Opera House). For those who don’t know the city yet or those staying a little bit further away, we also can help with taxi transfers from your hotel. Contact us for more information.

Will my Yellow Zebra tour be cancelled if the weather is bad?

No, the tours run in all weather conditions.

What happens if you cancel my tour and I've already booked?

This rarely happens but if it does you will receive a full refund.

Oh no! My travel plans have changed and I can no longer make my tour!

Don’t panic! As long as you let us know at least 4 days (73+ hours) before your tour. Your ticket is fully transferable for another date and time that’s more suitable for you. If we can’t find you a suitable tour we’re happy to give you a full refund. But only if you let us know at least 4 days (73+ hours) before your original booking. For further information, please see our Terms info where you can view your other options.

Are there any restrictions as to who can do the Yellow Zebra bike tours?

No. But participants must know how to ride a bike. They should be fit enough for light continuous biking for up to 4 hours, with short breaks.

If this is my first time riding a Segway, will I be able to pick it up quickly?

Your safety is always our highest priority. Therefore, we begin each tour with a very thorough training on the Segway. Only when you’re feeling confident and in control will we go out to enjoy the city!

Are there any restrictions as to who can do the Yellow Zebra Segway tours?

Segway riders must be fully mobile. That means having the physical ability to make everyday actions such as climbing and descending stairs without assistance. The use of Segways is prohibited to children under the age of 10. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately, pregnant women are not able to participate. Please also note that anyone we suspect to be under the influence of alcohol will not be able to ride and will forfeit their right to do the tour, without a refund.

Are locks and helmets included in the bike rental?

Yes of course! All bike rentals include a lock and an optional helmet and bungee cord.

Do I have to leave a deposit for the bike?

Yes you do. You can either leave a deposit in cash (any major currency). Rates are different depending on the bike you hire. Please check out our comparison chart here.

Who are the guides?

Our guides are all experienced, motivated and knowledgeable individuals. They are highly trained to show you the best of Budapest. More than that, they are happy and entertaining and all love their job.

When should I show up for my Yellow Zebra tour?

We suggest you to meet at the tour meeting point 5-10 minute prior to the beginning of your tour.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do! By law we are required to have a basic tourism insurance. We are fully licensed and bonded. For specific insurance questions please contact management. Many tourist based businesses here in Budapest are unlicensed and as a result do not have any insurance. Always check carefully!